Singing Bowl Artiste,Meditation Facilitator & Therapist

My name is Christina. I am a sound healer and a Himalayan Singing Bowl specialist. I conduct Sound Meditation and private Sound Healing Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls in Tibetan format and sequences. I also distribute handmade singing bowls in Singapore.

I acquired the traditional Tibetan sound healing methods from Nepali masters. All the Himalayan Singing Bowls I use and offer are hand-hammered in Nepal and tuned to musical notes. They produce long-lasting, rich and powerful sounds, vibrations and resonance which bring peace and harmony to our beings. They are excellent tools for yoga, meditation and many other holistic practices.

Select your Singing Bowls

It is important to select a singing bowl, which is a good match in tonality and vibrational quality to you. We offer a good collection of handcrafted singing bowls in different sizes, pitches and resonance characters to choose from. Clients are welcome to test and select singing bowls in an acoustic-friendly environment in any specific ways they want to.


Each of the singing bowls we offer is labeled with it's basic pitch/note and chakra. Most singing bowls produce two or more audible overtones. As an additional service, we offer to find out each overtone with a device or match the subtle overtones with the piano.


When it is time to acquire a second singing bowl, it is best to consider the harmony you are going to achieve with the new addition and the expanded function that the new bowl may bring. We strongly encourage clients to bring along their existing bowl when they select their new ones in order to build a complementary harmony.