The Inner Journey of a Singing Bowl Healing Session

When one gets surrounded by these large Himalayan singing bowls

The Himalayan singing bowls are overtones emitting instruments. The layers of natural harmonics from the singing bowls draw the brainwaves to Alpha and Theta frequencies through entrainment.

Just minutes after the sounding of the large singing bowls, one would directly drift into deeper and deeper levels of relaxations effortlessly. From my observation, most if not all, would naturally let out a deep exhalation, then regular and slow breathing pattern follows. This is when I know a client has reached a deep meditative state or deep state of awareness. Yes, even an untrained meditation newbie can ‘Be’ in simply a moment!

In this transitional state, between wakefulness and sleep, it is common for client to experience the sense of thoughtlessness, timelessness and connection to inner self. Benefiting from profound peace, empty of the exhaustive thoughts and release of anxiety, some may even have the perception beyond the physical, such as having the sensation of floating in the air and having inspiring visions. At spiritual level, when one’s awareness is in an expansive state, it becomes easier to access intuition, manifest healing or find creative inspiration and spiritual guidance.

Singing bowl session not only helps to refresh and boost mind functions, such as memory, clarity and creativity, it also supports and sometimes, speed up your spiritual journey. The transformation is beyond words. Only the experience of the sound healing can speak for itself.