What is your energy and spiritual self-care?

Self-care is Self-love

People go to spa, massage, facial for pampering. Eating good food, finding time to read an inspiring book, traveling and signing up a class to learn something new…. All these are good measures to take care of ourselves physically and intellectually. But, have you given thoughts on your energy and spiritual care?

Have you ever noticed some people look bright and some look dim? It isn’t the colour of the skin, complexion or the lighting of the environment. It is the impression of a person’s qi or energy.

People having healthy qi or energy are in the flow. They attract good energy. They feel lucky because things manifest fast and easily. People lacking healthy qi or energy are in their down cycle. They feel weak, stuck and blocked. They find it difficult to make progress in life.

Between the bright and dim, there are different shades and intensities. The best place to observe is probably in a hospital. Once I was accompanying someone to a public hospital, we visited the A&E and the specialist clinic. We noticed that the young doctors, who were starting to advance in their careers, carried vibrant glows. And of course, at the waiting area, we also saw different degrees of dimness among the patients.

It makes perfect sense to take good care of our qi or energy, so that we experience more flows and less blocks. Regular energy cleansing is a good measure to clear contaminations and negative attachments to the energy body.

Sound healing by the Himalayan singing bowls

I’m a sound healer, I often see the process of firming and thickening of the luminous body of my client during the session. The strong pulsating vibrations and the natural harmonics from the Himalayan singing bowls cleanse and harmonize the energy body and the chakras through entrainment. Raising the qi or energy level effortlessly.