Sound Healing and Chakra Systems

A large portion of my clients are yoga teachers and practitioners of various modalities. When they come to the Singing Bowl Gallery to select their singing bowls, one of the major considerations is which chakra does a singing bowl associate with.

Chakras are associated with colors, seed mantras, body centers and various human qualities. And of course, each chakra is associated with a note too. There are two major systems that one can follow. They are the Vedic and the Tibetan Systems. The Vedic system is the Western diatonic scale starting from note C at the Root chakra. It is commonly used in Western Sound Healing practices.

Tibetan System – The System of Fifths

Teachers of Tibetan singing bowl therapy from ancient times set up their singing bowls in a pattern where the intervals between the notes corresponding to the chakras are a fifth apart with F at the Root chakra…

(root) F GAB C DEF G ABC D EFG A BCD E FGA B (crown)

The sound of the interval of a fifth is relaxing, soothing and centering to listen to. It is beautiful to the ears, and the vibrations of the fifth are especially resonating with the heart chakra.

Director of the Institute of Harmonic Science in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses commented on the interval of fifths:

“We have run numerous experiments with sound frequencies, harmonics, chord progressions, tempos, color, lighting and visual imaging in order to gain insight on ways to influence emotions and feelings, while facilitating healing, reducing stress and generating a heightened state of spiritual awareness. Our research indicates that the musical interval of the perfect fifth and the resulting harmonic overtones have the ability to favorably influence the parasympathetic nervous system while modifying the listener’s state of consciousness.
I am fascinated by the approach to the chakra system through a map based on perfect fifths. I encourage any soundworker to experiment with this tuning system. Certainly there is room for a re-evaluation of existing theories in light of the new discoveries which are being made regarding the uses of harmony for healing.”

Interested in experiencing the healing effects of the System of Fifths? I conduct personal and group Resonance Sessions with the Himalayan Singing bowls in the traditional format. Do feel free to drop me a line here.