The Power of the HERE & NOW

Albert Einstein said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

Time is a limited resource. No one can get more or less of it in a day.

Time is the fairest thing of all. Everyone has 24 hours per day. No more. No less.

We pride ourselves to be able to multi-task. We do a number of things at the same time, so that we increase productivity, making more out of the same hours. We race against the clock, sleep less to finish the work sooner, so that we have more quality time to ourselves. However, the truth is, after we’ve rushed, multi-tasked or sacrificed our sleep…Are we able to fully enjoy the precious ME time?

Our minds are still occupied with thoughts, ideas, worries and plans. There seems to be no end to it as we tend to constantly review our past and plan for the future. When we are thinking about something that has happened, we are reliving the past. When our minds are thinking about things that haven’t happened yet, our beings are in the future. Meditation brings our minds back to the now, where we aren’t bothered by the complicated past and future. When we are truly in the here and now, we just be. Enjoy the stillness of the moment. Feel peaceful and relaxed.

Many researches have proven that meditation is beneficial to our wellbeing. However, our minds are all different. Some people are able to get into meditative state with minimal effort and some may find difficulty in taming their very active minds or even sitting still. I often encounter clients sharing their unsuccessful experiences with their try at meditation. I then share with them the use of the Himalayan singing bowls and let them try sound meditation. They totally love it when the sound of the singing bowl brings them to a state of stillness and peace, as if they have found a short cut to the meditative state. True enough, playing the singing bowl is a simple and direct way to get into the ‘Here & Now’ moment. The natural harmonics engage the mind through our sense of hearing, the vibrations engage the body through resonance. Our beings naturally flow with the pulses and waves at the “Here & Now” moment by moment. The more we experience this state of calmness, the more peaceful and stress-proof we become.

Sound meditation with the Himalayan singing bowl is suitable for anyone who wants to tap into the benefits of Meditation. There are no beliefs or complicated steps to follow. All we need to do is to just play and listen. The sweetness of peace and stillness will flow.