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Singing Bowl Meditation | by donation

  • Ame de Lumiere Consultancy 5A Dunearn Close Singapore, 299578 Singapore (map)

Kick start your working week with a fresh and clear mind. Join this meditation to increase alertness, clarity of the mind, inner peace, creativity and connect to your higher consciousness.

This monthly session is essential in maintaining basic mind health. The powerful sounds, waves and vibrations of the big Himalayan singing bowls will touch you at the cellular level, effectively restore harmony and balance to your mind and body. You'll experience deep steady breathing, alpha and theta brainwaves which bring you profound inner peace within minutes of the Sound Spa.

The sound from the singing bowl also cleanses our energy fields and raises our vibration through entrainment. The result is, we will resonate with our higher self and be more able to receive inspirations and wisdoms in clarity.

Why Sound Meditation?

1. It is natural. The sounds and harmonies are generated according to the law of physics.
2. It is simple. There isn't rituals or techniques to follow. You may be drawn or resonate to certain sound/pitch which is your frequency.
3. It is effortless. The brain will be entrained into the beneficial meditative state by the sound of the singing bowls.
4. It is not a philosophy. There is nothing to believe in. 

Fee: by donation, pay what you feel like