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Sound Meditation for Kids & Teens

  • The Lumen Room 10 Winstedt Rd 01-11 Singapore, 227977 Singapore (map)

Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy and successful in life. Meditation is a perfect tool to introduce into a child's day to promote inner strength and mental and emotional well-being.

In this session, the sound of the Himalayan singing bowl will help to calm their minds and promote positive states of being. Parents are welcome to join. It is a good bonding activity for the family.

Teens are bombarded by hours after hours of studying, homework, exam and perhaps preparation and training for competitions, they often found their brains get saturated and become inefficient in learning and creativity. This meditation is an great tool in relaxation. Meditation is well researched and known for improving mental efficiency and restoring the brain's peak performance.

Teens are bombarded by hours after hours of studying, homework, exam and perhaps preparation and training for competitions, they often found their brains get saturated and become inefficient in learning and creativity. This meditation is an essential tool in improving mental efficiency and restoring the brain's peak performance.

Just like our electronic devices, which need system and software updates from time to time in order to function smoothly, our brain and mind can benefit from meditation to improve memory, clarity and concentration.

Why Sound Meditation?
1. It is natural. The sounds and harmonies are generated according to the law of physics. The healing effect is instant and tangible.
2. It is simple. There isn't rituals or techniques to follow. Simply enjoy the resonance that happens in the mind and body.
3. It is effortless. The brain will be entrained into the beneficial meditative state by the sound of the singing bowls.
4. It is not a philosophy. There is nothing to believe in. Sound meditation helps open up doorway to the inner consciousness. it supports a variety of spiritual and religious practices.

Sound meditation is efficient, effective and direct in bringing about deep meditative state. It is non-evasive, nonreligious and free of side effects. Due to the natural, deep and complex harmonies produced by the large Himalayan singing bowls, participants will experience alpha/theta brainwaves and deep breathing patterns just a few minutes into the sound spa. No practice is required. Everyone will experience bliss and deep relaxation in this session.

Suitable for releasing stress and dealing with emotional and anger issues.


Minimum 4 to start, registration required