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Singing Bowl and Regression Healing

All the answers you need are within you! Journey deep into your subconscious mind where lasting changes begin.

In this group healing session, life coach Lady S. C. and sound healer Christina will hold the space for participants to journey to the past and beyond to resolve issues, healing oneself and receiving the gift of transformation.

Who you are today is a sum of your past. This past not only includes the current lifetime, it also includes previous lifetimes. The accumulation of past memories are all stored in you and shape your personality today. 

Unresolved issues in the past would manifest as challenges in this life time. “To re-live is to relieve”. In other words, revisiting the root cause and bringing it up to the conscious awareness allows one to make a new choice in order to break through the current situation naturally.

Let the natural harmonics of the Himalayan Singing Bowls cleanse and harmonise your body and spirit. The sound and vibrations of the singing bowls will bring you to a deep meditative state, where you may gain wisdom and gift from your past through regression therapy guided by Lady S. C. 

At the end of the session, participants will…

Gain clarity and peace with their life purpose and challenges
Feel lighter and rejuvinated with both the physical and energy bodies
Experience the profound healing process to continue beyond the session

Investment: S$60