The sound of singing bowl brings

our mind and spirit to the here and now.

"The singing bowl sits heavily in my hand. I strike the rim gently with a felt-tipped beater. A humming, singing sound envelops me. The deep, throbbing undertones gradually change into undulating overtones. I strike the bowl again, and then again and again. The more I strike, the more the room in which I am sitting is filled with sound. The sound calms me. I gradually lose an awareness of time and place. I am living in the sound and the sound is living in me."  - Eva Rudy Jansen

Learn this ancient healing art and

you'll be rewarded for the rest of your life.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with singing bowls in different sizes.
Participants will learn...

Singing Bowl Handling and Sound Production
Sound Meditation for self practice and group with Singing Bowls
Energy C
leansing for objects and space
Sound Healing DIY for pain (headache, gastric, back pain) and stress (depression,insomnia)
Facts and History of the Himalayan Singing Bowls

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Sound healing is non-evasive, nonreligious and free of side effects. The sound and vibration produced by the Himalayan singing bowls are able to reach deeply into our body to restore balance and harmony at the cellular level.  More and more medical studies have found sound and vibration can improve physical conditions and general wellbeing, such as


Relieve pain and anxiety

Improve sleep, memory & focus

Boost immune function


In a personal sound healing session, seven or more large Himalayan singing bowls are placed around the client's body in specific format and alignment. Shortly after sounding the singing bowls in sequence, the client will experience alpha brainwaves and deep breathing patterns which bring about deep relaxation and inner peace. The singing bowl will also be used on various reflex points. The physical vibration of the singing bowl travels through the meridian network of the body, removing dis-ease and blockages.

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