Lenny Rustian

"Thank you for the session yesterday. I feel so good today! I came with pain at the lower back yesterday, but when I wake up this morning, I don't feel the pain anymore." 


Christine Wong, wellness coach

"The sound meditation was good. My mind is still clear. The clearing in one session can last for a month! Very good!" 



"Just want to say thanks for the session earlier. I feel it really worth it!" 


Anjeline de Dios

"There's something magical yet wonderfully solid about holding a singing bowl in your hand, and learning to sing with and through it. Though I'd seen these curious upside-down bells before, it wasn't until I met Christina and experienced her playing the Himalayan singing bowls in a yoga/meditation session that I understood the elegant design behind these beautiful receptacles of energy. I loved the sound so much that I got one of my own (in C#). I begin each day with a meditation of gratitude and joy using the bowl to give voice to my prayer. It adds a pure drop of delight to my day. :-) Christina takes great care to explain the provenance and significance of each bowl — it's clear that she works only with specimens of the highest quality and craft. Happy to have found this healing sound." 


Sim Wei Shan, wellness coach

"Very blessed to receive a personalized sound healing private session with Christina, which is also my first wholesome experience interacting with the divinely grounding yet liberating Full Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls in such close proximity.  Beautiful tangible experience with harmonic resonance to my mind, body and soul - so timely apt for New Moon Releasing! Definitely will recommend to anyone everyone who's intrigued & curious about what sound healing could do for you."